Franco-American combined cruise missile exercise

March 22, 2021 (Google Translation) – “Fire MdCN! “. One after another, the naval cruise missiles take off. On the screens of the FREMM Auvergne central operations , everyone can follow their trajectory towards their target. They will achieve exactly the same time as those drawn by the FREMM Languedoc , as the missiles Tomahawk implemented by the frigates of the 6th Fleet of the US Navy located hundreds of water there.

No real missile today. This is a TLAMEX exercise (Tactical Land Attack Missile Exercise), carried out in coordination with the United States Navy: the opportunity for Auvergne and Languedoc , deployed in the eastern Mediterranean, to cooperate in the implementation work of this weapon capable of striking an objective located hundreds of kilometers inland with metric precision.

This operational training has thus enabled the navies of the two allied countries to confirm their interoperability and their capacity for coordination in a joint strike on a strategic objective: a Franco-American cooperation that is lasting with the regular participation of the units. French women deployed in the Mediterranean for this type of exercise.

The naval cruise missile is used on multi-mission frigates and Suffren-type nuclear attack submarines.

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