FS Bougainville Passes the 100,000 Nautical Mile Mark

March 25, 2020 (Google Translation) – Admitted to active service on December 16, 2016, the BSAOM Bougainville passed the symbolic 100,000 nautical mark at the beginning of March 2020. His base port being Papeete, he sailed his first nautical routes between Brest and Tahiti at the end of 2016.

Integrated into the armed forces in French Polynesia (FAPF), Le Bougainville is the second born of the Overseas Support and Assistance Building (BSAOM). It has been specially designed to carry out numerous missions: presence, surveillance and protection of exclusive economic zones, force projection, logistical support, fisheries police, intervention at sea, fight against illegal traffic, safeguarding but also assistance for the benefit of populations, particularly during natural disasters.

For more than three years, the two crews of the vessel have demonstrated its versatility with, in 2017, a marked commitment by operations against drug trafficking (NARCOPS) in the Pacific zone.

In 2017 and 2018, he was also employed to ensure sovereignty and depollution operations within the Clipperton EEZ. Adapted to the loading of freight and additional personnel, the BSAOM has been sent every year since 2018 to Mururoa Atoll to conduct the CEA’s TURBO mission. The objective of this mission, with the help of scientists from the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), is to carry out biological and mineral surveys to establish an annual environmental monitoring report around the two atolls of the former CEP.

In addition, Bougainville is a regular player in fisheries police operations in the Polynesian exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Each year, it conducts interrogations and visits to the EEZ and outside the EEZ in order to enforce French law and the conventions of the countries bordering the Pacific. In addition to these planned missions, punctual and urgent operations relating to assistance and rescue: the towing of vessels in distress, assistance to populations in the event of a natural disaster and the rescue of shipwrecked people are part of the ship’s responsibilities. In 2017, the Bougainville thus allowed the grounding of the Thorco Lineage on the Clipperton Atoll.

The first 100,000 nautical miles from BSAOM confirmed the ability of this vessel to carry out numerous missions. Over these long distances, the Bougainville has demonstrated its ability to last and to sail from East to West, up to the American and New Zealand coasts. It also made it possible to exercise cooperation with the Allied and riparian navies, by strengthening its interoperability. But it also knew how to establish the sovereignty of the French State in its EEZ and provide assistance to local populations. Over the nautical routes covered, the experience of the crews and their knowledge of the ship has reached a very good level of maturity, however the Bougainville continues to work tirelessly to deepen and develop its know-how in particular in the field of amphibious operations and the fight against drug trafficking.

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