Spain to Launch First S80 Submarine April 22

March 29, 2021 (Google Translation) – The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, visited the Submarine Flotilla at the Cartagena Military Arsenal today to inquire about the instruction and training of the personnel that will be part of the supply of the new S-80 submarine.

Margarita Robles has officially announced the launching, on April 22, of the first submarine of the S-80 class, which His Majesty The King will attend. This milestone is “essential for the Navy” since at this moment it only has the submarine ‘Tramontana’ and the ‘Galerna’ which is currently in large hull. It also supposes, in the words of the minister, “an important injection so that in other countries they know the industry and the technology of Navantia and can be an exportable product”.

In her words, the Defense Minister stressed that “a very important investment is being made in Defense” in total 12,000 million euros, including these four submarines and the F-110 frigates in Ferrol for the Navy.

Upon her arrival, the minister had a brief meeting with five men and women members of the crew of the ‘Tramontana’ S-74, with whom she had already agreed on a previous visit before boarding in July 2018.

After this they went to the assembly hall, where the commander of the Submarine Weapon, Captain of the Navy, Ernesto Zarco Gil, gave a brief presentation on the evolution of the Flotilla submarines and the impulse provided by the new S-80 submarine. for the strategic capacity of the Navy. The commander has also highlighted the importance of training experienced personnel to maintain a critical capacity for quality submariners, which will allow generating the crews for the four new S-80s planned for the next few years.

The Defense Minister has also been informed about the measures adopted by the Submarine Weapon to prevent the expansion of COVID-19, which has allowed them to continue operating in the missions assigned for National Defense, as well as collaboration with the community. autonomous with tracking teams in the Murcia region.

After this, the minister has moved to the simulator room where she has talked with the military personnel of the S-81 crew, taking a particular interest in the work carried out by sonarists, mechanics and kitchen personnel, and their instruction in the simulator of the S-80.

The minister wanted to thank Navantia and especially the military of the Flotilla and the Navy “for their effort in training and preparation, to have an example Navy in other Navies.”

During the visit, Robles was accompanied by the Secretary of State for Defense, Esperanza Casteleiro, and the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral General Antonio Martorell Lacave, among other authorities.

The Submarine Weapon is made up of the Submarine Flotilla, the ‘Isaac Peral’ Submarine Base and the ‘Almirante Mateo García de los Reyes’ Submarine School. Its tasks include the enlistment and preparation of submersibles, the training of professional submarine personnel who serve aboard these, the conduct of submarine operations and coordination with the commands of international organizations and allied nations.

The submarines are units of a great offensive capacity, which have the advantage of operating covertly for long periods of time, which gives them a remarkable deterrent power. These characteristics make them useful for a multitude of missions, such as reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering, the protection of a naval force, the covert infiltration of special operations commandos of the Navy’s Special Naval Warfare Force, and the underwater mining.

The S-81, the first submarine to join the Flotilla, is scheduled to be delivered to the Navy in early 2023, so it is expected to be operational from the second half of 2023. The rest, starting with the S-82, They will be added to the list of operatives with a cadence of one every two years.

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