FS Orion Deploys to SNMCMG2

March 26, 2021 (Google Translation) – Since March 22, the Orion Tripartite Mine Hunter (CMT) has been part of the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) .

SNMCMG2 is a NATO mine warfare group currently commanded by Turkish captain Yusuf Karagulle. It is made up of units from different nations belonging to NATO and deployed over varying durations (generally 1 to 6 months). Operating in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the G2 trains during various exercises organized by the riparian countries in which the group usually stops. This process gives NATO permanence at sea and a means of rapid reaction in the context of a real “mine” threat.

The Orion is on its way to join the group currently made up of the amphibious assault ships TCG Sokullu Mehmet Pasa , TCG Ayvalik , minehunter BGS Tsibar , HS Evropi , ESP Tajo and ITS Termoli which he will meet at off the Greek coast to conduct combined exercises bringing together six NATO nations (Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy and France).

The tripartite  Orion minehunter will quickly be put to work within the G2 with the participation in ARIADNE 21, a maritime mine warfare exercise in a complex environment under asymmetric threat off Patras in Greece. This exercise will be an opportunity to reaffirm France’s excellence in the field of mine warfare thanks to the action of the teams and the optimized use of all CMT weapon systems (sonar, underwater robots and clearance divers).

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