FS Croix du Sud Destroys British Mark XII Bomb

March 25, 2021 (Google Translation) – On March 22, 2021, sailors from the tripartie mine hunter (CMT) Southern Cross conducted a counter-mining operation in the Brest Gully Front to neutralize a historic English world war II munition.

Discovered on February 6, 2021 during the 60th Operation Damier, the ammunition is a British Mark XII bomb with a load weight of 600 kg TNT equivalent.

This Monday, March 22, after having departed from the naval base of Brest and crossed the gully, the crew of the Southern Cross goes to the place where the ammunition rests. The sailors then begin by lifting it up and moving it for 900m in an area suitable for counter-mining, before a diver clearing the ship put in place 9kg of load and two detonators to neutralize it.

This operation is carried out in perfect coordination with the means deployed in the area, including the maritime gendarmerie’s maritime gendarmerie’s maritime security and port boat Brigantine, in order to preserve a nautical ban radius around the load during the counter-mining phase; the aim is to ensure safety in implementation for all vessels potentially present in the area.

The French Navy acts on a daily basis to secure the French coastline and the seabed. All its mine-fighting assets (dedicated buildings such as tripartite mine hunters and demining diving groups) regularly carry out operations to detect, neutralize or destroy
unexploded ordnance at sea or on French beaches Each year, an average of 3 tons of treated explosives, 500 explosive devices destroyed and 150 interventions carried out on the Atlantic coast.

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