HNLMS Dolfjin Returning to Den Helder for Quarantining

March 30, 2020 (Google Translation) – Submarine Dolfjin breaks off her trip near Scotland because some of the 58 crew members have or had the COVID-19 virus. Yesterday, 15 soldiers with mild influenza symptoms were tested to determine whether they have produced antibodies as a result of the virus. This turned out to be the case with 8 of them.

The submarine is currently sailing from Scotland to Den Helder and will arrive there at the end of this week. That is 2 weeks earlier than expected. The crew quarantines to prevent further contamination.

Within 48 hours, further investigations must reveal whether the military personnel tested still have the virus. Yesterday there was 1 person with a fever and coughing complaints. Earlier, other crew members also showed such phenomena.

The military are also doing well. The crew is calm underneath.

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