Thales Upgrades Radar for HMS Dauntless

March 17, 2021 (Google Translation) – The S1850M Long Range Radar, from HMS Dauntless (Royal Navy’s Type 45 class), has officially been completely revised since last week. The overhaul was part of the ship’s ‘Upkeep 2020’ program and included a digital ‘factory acceptance test’ (FAT)!

Test and Support manager Bernard Haanappel: “Such an overhaul involves the replacement and refurbishment of so many components that it has in fact become a new system that must be re-inspected at the end of the process. We confirm that everything meets the customer’s requirements with a so-called Factory Acceptance Test. Normally we perform these tests in front of the customer, but the COVID-19 restrictions made that practically impossible. We have therefore agreed with the customer to perform the FAT using our new Video Capture process. ”

David Reid, the team’s video expert, explains: “It’s quite complex, but the bottom line is that we share all documents and tests with the client through video and a secure data connection. process in our XR Innovations Lab developed over the past year into a simple and efficient tool Basically we create small video clips for each step in the FAT which we then link to the corresponding text on a mini website, making navigation easy for the customer , and it’s much better than watching a full 4-hour video. ”

Bernard: “We do see a growing trend in which product teams and projects require video content creation more often. Because it is effective, captures knowledge in a way that other content creation cannot, and it is efficient. There is a lot of interest from other product teams who want to film their product and provide additional services such as Video Assisted Documentation (VAD). More teams have already asked for time and resources for the coming months. This is good news for Thales and will significantly improve our knowledge retention. ”

Bernard continues: “Thanks to the team, the reconditioned S1850M passed all tests. There are, of course, some minor issues that need to be addressed, but we are happy with the test result. This was the first of the S1850Ms onboard the Type 45 ships and I hope the others will be just as successful. ”

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