Colombian Navy participates in multilateral naval exercise

March 20, 2021 (Google Translation) – 40 men from the Caribbean Naval Force participated for 71 days in 17 naval exercises under NATO standards.

From last January 2 to March 13, the ARC “Pijao” Submarine participated in Operation Diesel Electric Submarine Initiative -DESI- named for its acronym in English, which was carried out in jurisdictional waters of the United States of America, between Colombia, Peru and the North American country.

Operation DESI is an initiative between the United States and South American countries with conventional attack submarines, which allows maintaining a high standard of training among the different navies. It should be noted that since 2004 Colombia has participated in this operation, this being the eleventh representation of our country.

During the operation carried out near the port of Jacksonville (United States), 40 men from the Caribbean Naval Force participated in 17 exercises, carried out in 71 days. The crews highly trained in naval maneuvers under the standards of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – NATO, began the implementation of exercises that increase the degree of enlistment of the region’s navies, particularly in anti-submarine warfare events. , as a preamble to international certification for the battle group.

For the Colombian Navy, the development of Operation DESI allows keeping its submarines updated in doctrine and tactical improvements in Task Force operations, training with aircraft carriers, helicopter squadrons and maritime exploration aircraft, which are the scene of a high level of complexity. The exercises carried out in maritime environments allow to contribute to the security of maritime communication lines, as well as to counteract in a combined way the possible threats that threaten the Security and Defense of Nations.

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