CNS Chacabuco Delivering Cargo to Rapa Nui

March 22, 2021 (Google Translation) – Valparaiso. On Monday, March 22, the Barge “Chacabuco” set sail from the Molo de Abrigo with more than 90 tons of cargo, both in bulk and in containers, including food, construction materials and cargo from State institutions.

Prior to its departure, the Commander of the Corvette Captain Alfonso Torres Unit, said that “at this moment we are preparing the ship for our next island commission to Rapa Nui, fulfilling one of our roles which is to support isolated areas and the transport of the material to the island “.

“This activity is carried out in compliance with all the sanitary measures established by the health authority, in addition the staff is inoculated with the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and on the way social distancing measures will be adopted.”

In the same way, during the commission that the ship will carry out in Rapa Nui, the relief of ten naval servants who are deployed in island territory and who belong to the island’s Marine Corps Garrison will take place.

In this way, the Chilean Navy is fulfilling one of the main tasks it has, such as the Contribution to National Development and State Action, providing support to the island territory, acting as a logistics train in order to connect and support to the insular and isolated communities of our country.

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