KRI Sultan Hasanuddin Trains with Four UNIFIL Ships

March 20, 2021 (Google Translation) – KRI Sultan Hasanuddin 366 carried out tactical maneuver exercises with four MTF UNIFIL ships from other countries in the Area of ​​Maritime Operation (AMO).

This was stated by Commander of the Maritime Task Force (MTF) Konga XXVIII-L / UNIFIL (Nations Interem Force in Lebanon) Lt. Col. (P) Ludfy, ST, MMDS, during a tactical maneuver exercise with the German warship FGS Magdeburg F 261. , Turkish warship TCG Yildirim F 243, Greek warship HS Navarinon F 461 and Bangladesh warship BNS Sangram F 113 in Mediterranean waters, Lebanon, Friday (19/3/2021).

Dansatgas said, this exercise aims to train the bridge team in solving maneuvers, formation and calculating the halu and time in occupying a position. In this exercise, KRI Sultan Hasanuddin 366 acts as the person in charge of training in forming a formation with 4 other ships.

“Besides that, this exercise is also carried out in the framework of farewell with the Turkish warship TCG Yildirim F 243 which has finished carrying out its duties as an element of the UNIFIL MTF”, he said.

Furthermore, it was conveyed that tactical maneuver exercises applied the Line Abreast formation, Echo formation, Delta formation and Foxtrot formation which were arranged by FGS Magdeburg F 261 as the person in charge of the training series. And at the end of the exercise, the entire ship paid their respects by spraying each other with water from the hydrant pump.

The exercise, which takes approximately 3 hours, generally runs safely and smoothly. After carrying out the training, all MTF UNIFIL elements maneuvered out of formation to then head to the specified operating sector.

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