Germany Leads International MCM Exercise

March 15, 2021 (Google Translation) – On March 15th, the Baltic Mine Countermeasures Squadron Exercise began. Five NATO partners are practicing mine defense under German leadership.

The 3rd minesweeping squadron from Kiel has divided the mine-hunting boats “Fulda”, “Bad Rappenau” and “Grömitz” for the maneuver. The tender “Elbe” from the support squadron accompanies the exercise as a flagship and lead ship. 150 German soldiers are involved, led by the deputy commander of the squadron, frigate captain Inka von Puttkamer. The latter is also in command of the entire maneuver association.

NATO partners Belgium, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania join the German squadron for the two-week maneuver. The international exercise pursues the general goal of further deepening the cooperation between the naval forces in the Baltic Sea region.

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