The 44th Chinese naval escort taskforce concluded its goodwill visit to Oman and left the capital city Muscat on October 14, local time.

During the visit, the commander of taskforce called on Omani military officials and visited military institutions. Troops of both navies visited each other’s ships, with professional exchanges held between captains of the two sides.

After departing from the port, the Chinese naval escort taskforce conducted a joint training exercise on maritime communication, formation maneuver and other subjects with the Royal Navy of Oman in waters near Muscat. The exercise was participated by the guided-missile destroyer Zibo and guided-missile frigate Jingzhou from the Chinese side, and the patrol ship Al Said from the Omani side. The ship Zibo served as the commanding ship through the event and observers from both sides swapped hulls to observe the training process.

According to the leaders of the 44th Chinese naval escort taskforce, the two sides demonstrated smooth cooperation during the joint training, enhanced the coordination between their ships, and deepened mutual trust and cooperation between the two militaries.