On October 11, one of the oldest enterprises in the ship repair industry, the 35 Shipyard branch of Zvezdochka Shipyard JSC (part of USC), celebrates its 85th anniversary.

The shipyard on the shores of the Kola Bay was put into operation in difficult years for the country and together with it accepted the challenges of that time. On October 11, 1938, the mechanical, foundry and forging shops were put into operation, by which time roads, main warehouses had been built, and mooring facilities had been erected.

During the Great Patriotic War, the company was one of the first to master the production of M-50 mortars and F-1 grenades necessary for the front. Important orders for the repair of ships were successfully fulfilled, and the installation of weapons on the icebreakers “Lenin”, “Stalin”, “Molotov”, “Sibiryakov”, “Malygin” and “Rusanov” was carried out by the shipbuilders in a short time. For 85 years, the shipyard’s employees have developed and applied unique methods in the industry, which helped to repair ships and vessels of various ranks.

Currently, a large-scale reconstruction of the dry dock is underway. Upon completion of the work, this will be the only dock at the shipyard in Russia, where it will be possible to carry out repairs and inspections of surface ships of the first and second ranks.

35 Shipyard remains the only diversified military ship repair enterprise on the Kola Peninsula, which allows it to perform almost any work on the restoration and maintenance of ships and vessels for various purposes.