Blas de Lezo Returns to Ferrol

The frigate "Blas de Lezo" F-103 returns to Ferrol

December 16, 2019 (Google Translation) – On December 15, the frigate “Blas de Lezo” returned to Ferrol’s Military Arsenal after its integration into the NATO Permanent Naval Group No. 2 (SNMG-2) in the Mediterranean, between September 21 and on November 21, and the participation in the advanced exercise “PEAN-19”, of integration and certification of the French aircraft group, as escort of the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”.

The frigate sailed from Ferrol on August 27 to carry out the Pre-deployment Inspection and qualification prior to integration into SNMG-2. After the inspection, the F-103 left the Naval Base of Rota to go to the waters of the central Mediterranean, specifically to the port of La Spezia (Italy), and materialize its integration into the NATO Permanent Group Number 2 until 21 of November. After completing its integration into SNMG-2, he participated in the French exercise “PEAN-19”.

The frigate "Blas de Lezo" F-103 returns to Ferrol

The “Blas de Lezo” has remained 110 days outside the Ferrol Military Arsenal, 88 of them at sea, and has sailed more than 16,000 miles operating virtually throughout the period in the western and central Mediterranean in Support Associated with the “Operation Sea Guardian ”of NATO, participating in the multinational exercises“ DYNAMIC MARINER-FLOTEX-19 ”(07-18OCT) -organized by the Navy in the Gulf of Cádiz and Mar de Alborán-, DOGU AKDENIZ-19” (09-18NOV ) -organized by the Turkish Navy south of Antalya-, as well as in the French exercise “PEAN-19” (25NOV-06DIC) in the Gulf of León and western Mediterranean, organized by FRMARFOR.

In addition, it has made a naval presence in the ports of La Spezia (Italy), Toulón (France), Cádiz (Spain), Piraeus (Greece), Aksaz (Turkey) and in Tarragona on December 9 and 10, before starting the transit to Ferrol.

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