Dutch Navy Wants Four New Submarines

December 13, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Ministry of Defense wants to acquire 4 new submarines. To build that, there are still 3 parties in the race. This is stated in the so-called B letter that State Secretary Visser sent to the House today. Of the 4 previously selected candidate yards, the Spanish company Navantia has now dropped out. The French Naval Group, Saab Kockums (Sweden) and thyssenkrupp Marine Systems from Germany are over.

The Defense organization has opted for a long range, versatile, conventionally propelled submarine. The future 4 new boats must be able to operate for a long time, unseen and at a great distance from the home base. Since none of the candidate yards came forward as unanimous winner in the survey, Defense will continue to compete with Naval Group, Saab Kockums and tkMS. In the next phase, the requirements, award criteria and weighting factors are determined, based on factors such as best boat for the best price, risk management and the elaboration of national security interests and strategic autonomy.

For the design, construction and maintenance, the Netherlands attaches great importance to the involvement of the Dutch naval construction cluster, including SMEs and knowledge institutes. Visser: “The Dutch naval construction sector must obtain the best possible position in the supply chains of foreign shipyards. A good position as a supplier offers Dutch companies and knowledge institutes the opportunity to increase their own knowledge and skills, from which the Defense organization also benefits. ”

Submarines are of direct importance for the seafaring trade nation of the Netherlands. The most important characteristic is that they are almost impossible to find under water. This makes the submarine extremely suitable for protecting the supply lines by sea, naval vessels and maritime infrastructure. This also applies to detecting and eliminating enemy ships, depositing and picking up special forces and gathering, analyzing and sharing intelligence.

Visser: “This maritime power makes the submarine one of our most important weapon systems. The Dutch submarine service is highly regarded worldwide with the Walrus class. That is why the Netherlands wants to replace the ships now that the end of their life is approaching. NATO is also pushing for this. Submarines are an important and much-needed niche capacity. ”

The current submarines (Walrus class) have been in use by the navy since the 90s and will reach the end of their life span in about 10 years. The project involves more than 2.5 billion euros. According to the current schedule, a contract must be signed in 2022 with 1 of the builders. Ultimately, the new submarines must have completely replaced the current Walrus class in 2031.

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