ARC Gloria to Make Four Day Stop at San Andres Island

November 20, 2019 (Google Translation) – With a crew of 164 people, including 20 Officers of which three are special guests of the Colombian Air Force, National Army and National Police, 44 NCOs and 88 Grumetes of the ARC Naval School of NCOs “Barranquilla”, will arrive on the island of San Andrés, the ambassador of the seas, as the instructional sailboat ARC School Ship “Gloria” is known, which after 127 days and 16,722 nautical miles sailed during the year 2019, has sailed the seas around the world, arriving at 10 foreign ports and carrying high the name of our country and the last name that represents each of the men and women who go to sea for long periods of time, facing natural adversities, forging their experience, wisdom and expertise.

It is worth mentioning that during the days in port, millions of people around the world have been able to fully know this Colombian Navy Insignia Ship, which has formed virtuous and integral sailors. On this occasion, the island and roots community, as well as the tourists who visit the island region daily, will be able to witness their arrival on November 29 at 09:00 am at the docks of the Port Society, where they are of the island music a typical reception will be realized, generating a space for the cultural exchange for the Marines of Colombia.

For four days, the ARC “Gloria” ship will be open to the public, exalting the majesty that it has exhibited during 51 years of voyages, making known the artistic, ethnic, geographical, tourist and commercial riches of a whole country to the world, contributing to the work of diplomatic representations by promoting our interests abroad.

In its 51 years, the ARC “Gloria” has sailed a total of 872,254 nautical miles in a total of 9,448 days of navigation, which is equivalent to giving the world 41 laps. In that same number of years, 54 cadet cruises and 26 rocket cruises have been developed.

On November 1, 2019, the Grumetes Training Cruise 2019 number 27 began, with the following itinerary: Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Roatán (Honduras) and San Andrés Isla (Colombia), with the purpose of developing the activities of instruction and training scheduled for the Grumetes staff of the ARC Naval School of NCOs “Barranquilla”.

The Colombian Navy invites the inhabitants and tourists who visit the archipelago daily to get to know the ARC “Gloria” ship, Colombia’s floating ambassador in the seas.