FESCO Transports Nuclear Submarine Blocks to Scrapyad in Primorsky Krai

November 20, 2019 (Google Translation) – FESCO Transport Group (FESCO) completed a project to transport nine multi-compartment blocks of nuclear submarines and a tanker from Kamchatka to the disposal site in Primorsky Krai under a state contract with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Radioactive Waste Management Enterprise (RosRAO, part of the State Corporation Rosatom).

FESCO provided the client with a full range of logistics services, including the development of transportation and towing schemes. Transportation of objects was a unique technological operation – three, four, and five-compartment nuclear submarines of three generations and a tanker were simultaneously transported.

A specialized semi-submersible vessel was chartered for transportation. FESCO engineers together with designers from JSC LKZB Design Bureau JSC and engineers of Trans Engineering Company LLC developed a project for preparing the deck and lodgement structures for each cargo, taking into account all the technical characteristics of the objects. More than 300 prefabricated elements and special fasteners were installed on the vessel. The preparation of the vessel took 10 days and was carried out in Shanghai under the supervision of FESCO and RosRAO specialists. After completion of preparatory work, the ship left the port of Shanghai and sailed to the Kamchatka Territory. Four tugboats were used simultaneously to transport the blocks and the tanker to the ship for loading, and then to the disposal site in the Primorsky Territory. The total transportation time of the facilities was 22 days.

FSUE “RosRAO” is a specialized organization professionally involved in the management of radioactive waste throughout the country. The company provides a full range of services in the field of radioactive waste management, including the collection, transportation, processing, conditioning, storage of low and medium level waste, as well as the management of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste accumulated during the activities of the Russian Navy and formed during the disposal of nuclear submarines and surface ships with nuclear power plants.