ARC Gloria Completes Bicentennial of Independence 2019 Cruise

October 19, 2019 (Google Translation) – After 133 days and 14,193 nautical miles of navigation, the ARC School Ship “Gloria” arrives in Colombia, after having visited eight foreign ports around the world.

On this occasion, the Colombian Navy Insignia Ship visited the ports of eight countries such as Bostón (United States), Sain Maló (France), Kláipeda (Lithuania), Karlskrona (Sweden), Rostok (Germany), The Hague (Holland) ), Liverpool (United Kingdom) and Casablanca (Morocco), the latter being four ports, visited for the first time in the history of the cruise ships of the ARC “Gloria.”

A total of 75 Cadets in the process of formation of the Naval Institution, including 12 women, as well as three members of the Marinas of Ecuador, Peru and Mexico, as well as Officers of the National Army, the Colombian Air Force and the National Police, were part of the “Bicentennial of Independence” cruise that proudly waved the National Pavilion in the seas of the world.

The main mission of the Cadet Cruise consists in strengthening the theoretical learning acquired in the classrooms by the future Officers of the Colombian Navy, who during the tour put into practice knowledge in areas such as Astronomical and Electronic Navigation, Breakdown Control , Naval Maneuvers, Meteorology, Naval Auxiliary Machinery, Electromagnetic Communications, among others.

Likewise, the Cadets had the opportunity to meet new cultures and exchange experiences with foreign Marine personnel, as well as participate in the Baltic Sail.

During the days of the port, about 75 thousand people knew first-hand the culture, traditions and customs of our country, through open visits to the public, which had a striking welcome to the sound of Colombian folk rhythms, the camaraderie and generosity of the crew, always ready to leave the name of the country high.

For our ARC School Ship “Gloria”, this year that marks the Bicentennial of Independence, it marked its history, since for the first time it managed to cross the Atlantic Ocean from west to east, in 10 days of sailing. Likewise, the sailing anchoring maneuver was carried out for the first time, increasing marine skills and skills by Cadet staff.

Data of interest

In its 51 years, the ARC “Gloria” has sailed a total of 872,235 nautical miles in a total of 9,448 days of navigation, which is equivalent to giving 41 laps around the world.

At the same time, its decks have served as the Colombian Embassy in a total of 528 ports in 77 countries.