Somme Visits Dakar

Wednesday, October 2, 2019, the Command and Supply Building (BCR) Somme engaged in Operation Corymbe arrived in Dakar.

It is the sailors of the French naval station of the French elements in Senegal (EFS) who are in charge of advising the ” Pacha ” (or unit commander) to understand it, to help him to maneuver during the berthing and landing phases. provide logistical support for crew members after several days at sea.

“I am the military advisor to the Pasha, ” said Lieutenant-Commander Charles-Emmanuel, head of the naval station. ” In this capacity I will board the BCR SOMME with a Senegalese pilot from the port of Dakar to facilitate docking maneuvers “. At 46, this specialized officer of the Navy is a “NAUTI” expert in nautical driving.

The naval station team is dispatched on board the ship on the tugboats and on the wharf with the harbor patrolmen.

” Our aim is to bring this 18,000-tonne, 157-meter-long vessel to the” shoehorn “in a space equivalent to four Olympic-size swimming pools, ie 200 meters, ” said the EFS officer who has now joined, with the pilot, the edge of the Somme in pilotine.

During the maneuvers, the risk is omnipresent. Meteorological phenomena, currents, sudden dangers, the staff of the naval station EFS has well prepared and briefed upstream the crew of the BCR to achieve all the key steps to reach the port of Dakar safely.

On the bridge, the concentration of the pasha surrounded by his commanding officer, the adviser of the EFS and the pilot is palpable. Pushers and tugs are at work.

“Port stopped, starboard set no more,” says a sailor. “Good, ” says the pasha.

“This has been well prepared upstream by the naval station ,” says Commander Gauthier Commander Sum. “The adviser directed his pushers in addition to the tugs of the civilian pilot. It was his team who prepared the stopover. “Concludes the pasha.

The reception of French ships in Dakar is the priority mission of the EFS naval station, a major maritime support point in West Africa. These buildings are essentially engaged in the mission Corymbe (about sixty days of stopover per year in Dakar). The naval station comprises eleven seafarers integrated into the EFS operational command and cooperation unit. Its specialists can also be deployed in West African countries to deliver technical training in the fields of repair of inflatable boats, maneuvering, navigation and state action at sea.

Created on 1 August 2011, following the treaty signed between France and Senegal, the 350 French elements in Senegal (EFS) constitute, in Dakar, a “POC” with a regional vocation, whose main missions consist of to ensure the defense and security of French interests and nationals, support our operational deployments in the region and contribute to regional operational cooperation. EFS also has the capacity to host, support or even command a planned joint force.