Chilean Officer Serving on USNS Comfort

September 17, 2019 (Google Translation) – Attending mostly to Venezuelan refugees, this noble humanitarian mission is in Granada after successfully passing through Trinidad and Tobago.

Pomegranate. Within the framework of the “Continuing Promise” mission, led by the Southern Command of the United States through the 4th Fleet, the “USNS Comfort” Hospital Ship continues to be used as a platform to perform surgeries, with medical personnel, nurses on board , pavilions and scanner. Chilean 1st Lieutenant Jorge Núñez is taking part in 2019.

The mission has doctors and health professionals from countries such as the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Chile, where it is the 1st Naval Health Lieutenant Jorge Núñez, who is participating and Representing the Institution.

“This mission that is carried out every year always has a Naval or Dental Health Officer of the Chilean Navy to provide support and teach how this type of work is done. For me it has been a very important experience to work with people from different nationalities, “said Lieutenant Nunez.

Currently, the Vessel Hospital is in Granada after a profitable passage through Trinidad and Tobago, where 6,135 services were made to local inhabitants and Venezuelan refugees, who cannot access the medical system due to their status as illegal.

Among the highest requirements, the care was mainly based on on-board surgeries and outpatient consultations in different places on the ground.

In total the mission will last 6 months and the “USNS Comfort” has already toured countries of South America, Central America and the Caribbean.