Baltic Fleet Missile Training

September 14, 2019 (Google Translation) – In the naval ranges of the Baltic Fleet, located in the Baltic Sea, a ship search strike group consisting of the Boyky corvette and the Yaroslav Mudryy patrol ship successfully completed joint electronic missile launches. Missile firing was carried out on targets simulating a detachment of warships of a conditional enemy by two ships simultaneously using the Uran anti-ship missile systems.

As a result of electronic launches, all assigned targets were successfully hit. The firing was carried out in a difficult jamming environment, which was artificially created to complicate the task for the crews of naval strike groups.

Earlier, during the maneuvers, the ships also carried out joint artillery firing at air and sea targets and worked out the tasks of finding and destroying a conditional enemy submarine.

After completing the fire missions, the crews conducted a series of naval exercises – to combat survivability, anti-sabotage defense, organization of interaction and communication between ships, worked out the elements of joint navigation.