Two Kilos Conduct ASW Training Against Each Other

September 10, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crews of diesel-electric submarines of the Kola flotilla of the diverse forces of the Northern Fleet Vladikavkaz and Kaluga (Project 877 Varshavyanka) completed a complex of anti-submarine missions in combat training ranges in the Barents Sea.

The submarines worked out the search, establishing contact, tracking and attack of the underwater enemy. Each of the crews carried out maneuvering in underwater position in various swimming modes when searching for and tracking an opponent, as well as during separation from pursuit and preparation for a torpedo attack.

At the final stage of the training, the crews of the submarines “Vladikavkaz” and “Kaluga” completed firing practical torpedoes at the underwater target in a dueling version.

According to the preliminary assessment of the command, both crews successfully coped with the tasks, demonstrating high professional training.