Submarine Sheean home after busy deployment

August 22, 2019 – After departing from Fleet Base West in early April, HMAS Sheean recently returned to her homeport to the delight of waiting families and friends.

Among those welcoming Sheean back was Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, and Commander Submarine Force, Captain Doug Theobald.

Once alongside, Sheean’s crew eagerly came ashore to be reunited with their loved ones.

Sheean’s Commanding Officer, Commander Darren White, said while submariners expected to spend a lot of time at sea, coming home was always a highly anticipated event.

“Just knowing that your family is waiting for you at home makes our job a lot easier.

“Their staunch support while the submarine is deployed, and the knowledge that everything at home is being looked after, allows us to get on with the tasks that we have been assigned,” Commander White said.

During the four-month deployment, Sheean steamed thousands of nautical miles and visited a number of ports, including Singapore, Subic Bay and Darwin.

The crew will now enjoy a short leave period before resuming their busy schedule.