Taiwan Trains for Sea & Air Missile Shooting, Showing Self-Defense Ability

August 2, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Ministry of National Defense said today (2) that the sea and air force have conducted annual routine exercises in the Pingtung Jiupeng base and the eastern open sea in the past few days to verify the results of the weekday training, and to strengthen the experience of the officers and men’s live ammunition to achieve “defense, The same level of deterrence” strategic goals.

Minister Yan gave high affirmation and praise to the participating troops to complete the training tasks with a high hit rate. Minister Yan said that the process and results of the exercise show that the National Army of the Republic of China is a solid force with the ability and confidence to defend national security and safeguard the achievements of democracy and freedom. It also proves that “we are capable of fighting! We are well-trained. force!”

The Ministry of National Defense pointed out that the National Army carried out missile shooting training at the Jiupeng base from July to September every year. It has been going on for a long time. The shooting training is based on the design, thinking and situation of the overall defense operation concept. Five modes, including air, air-to-air, air-to-ship, ship-to-air, and ship-to-ship, will be based on the basic and asymmetrical forces, using the main fighters and ships into training.

This year, the sea and air force missile shooting training program executed 12 types, 117 missiles and precision bombs. Throughout the course of the performance and the results, the morale of the participating troops was high, the performance of the officers and men and the outstanding achievements proved that the national army had long-term progress in weapons and equipment and personnel training, indicating that the national army has enhanced its national defense strength and strengthened its defense strength. , keep improving.

The Ministry of National Defense stresses that in the face of changes and threats of the enemy’s situation, the national army can fully grasp the dynamics of the sea and airspace around the Taiwan Strait, and should be ready to maintain the best preparations. At the same time, the national army will continue to strengthen the training and improve the key defenses. We must have the ability and confidence to defend national security, protect our homeland, and maintain regional peace and stability, and ensure the democratic freedom and sovereignty of the Republic of China Taiwan.

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