Compact Swaging Machine Makes Fleet Debut

July 24, 2019 – The fleet’s oldest aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz (CVN 68), became the first to deploy in June with the highly anticipated Compact Swaging Machine (CSM), which eliminates the time and manpower-intensive socket pouring process for producing purchase cable terminals.

On the carrier’s flight deck, these critical components connect to arresting gear wires, which transmit the intense force of landing aircraft to below-deck arresting gear engines, bringing it to a controlled stop in less than 400 feet.

The CSM was developed by the Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment Program Office (PMA-251) and New Hampshire-based industry partner Creare, Inc., in direct response to a high-priority fleet need. Now that the system has successfully completed comprehensive testing, each of the Navy’s carriers is scheduled to receive two CSMs, bringing benefits to their respective Air Departments’ V-2 Division Sailors responsible for safe shipboard aircraft arrestments.

“Our whole team has worked incredibly hard to get this game-changing system out to the fleet and we’re very proud of it and the benefits it delivers to the Sailors and the fleet,” said CSM Program Manager Paula Parsons, who has supported the system from initial concept to fleet delivery.