Operation “BRACOLPER NAVAL” Turns 45

July 24, 2019 (Google Translation) – From July 9 to August 9, the “Raposo Tavares” and “Amapá” River Patrol Ships (NPaFlu) and the “Carlos Chagas” Hospital Assistance Ship (NAsH), subordinated to the Amazon Flotilla Command (ComFlotAM) , and a UH-12 aircraft from the First Northwest General Employment Helicopter Squadron, participate in Operation “BRACOLPER NAVAL 2019”, composing the Task Force (WG) of the 9th Naval District Command (Com9ºDN).

Official opening of “BRACOLPER Naval 2019” in Leticia, Colombia

Operation BRACOLPER (Brazil-Colombia-Peru), promoted since 1974, has the mission of conducting joint naval exercises in a riverside environment, especially in the Triple Border of the Amazon Region, in order to improve the training level of naval naval units. of the Armed Republic of Colombia and the Peruvian Navy, and to contribute to the enhancement of mutual trust and friendship between the nations.

BRACOLPER is divided into three phases involving more than 400 military personnel. Phases I and II are held on the Marañon River (Peruvian Solimões River), between the cities of Leticia, Colombia, and Iquitos, Peru, at periods that coincide with the Independence dates of these countries, celebrated on the 20th and 28th. July respectively. Upon completion of phase II, WG ships return to their bases in each country. Phase III will be held on the Negro and Solimões Rivers, in September, to celebrate Brazil’s Independence.

On July 18, the delegations of the Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian navies attended the official opening of Operation “BRACOLPER 2019” in Leticia. The event was attended by representatives of the navies of the three countries: Commander of the 9th Naval District, Vice Admiral Paulo César Colmenero Lopes; Commander General of Amazonian Operations of the Peruvian Navy, Vice Admiral Herbert José Del Alamo Carrillo; Commander of the Naval Force of the South of the Republic of Colombia, Brigadier General of the Navy Sergio Alfredo Serrano Álvares; and Brazilian, Colombian, and Peruvian military personnel involved.