Colombian Navy Inaugurated BRACOLPER 2019

July 25, 2019 – The Bracolper International Naval Operation, where Fluvial Units from Colombia, Brazil and Peru participate, performing tactical exercises for two months, navigating through the Amazon River, began in Leticia, with the presence of civil and military authorities from the three countries.

Since 1974, the year in which this operation began, its main objective is to strengthen interoperability with the River Units and strengthen the brotherhood ties between neighboring countries of the common border areas, on the Amazon River, where the crews also they participate in the national holidays of each participating Nation.

This year, the 45 years of this important international operation are commemorated, in which it has been possible to strengthen the cooperation ties of the naval institutions in charge of protecting and safeguarding the river networks, in the Amazonian Trapeze.

The Bracolper takes place in three phases, which officially begins with a planning meeting held at the facilities of the Amazon Coast Guard Command of the Colombian Navy, in the city of Leticia, with the participation of the delegations of the 9th Naval District of the Brazilian Navy, the General Operations Command of the Amazon of the Peruvian Navy, and the Naval Force of the South of the Colombian Navy as host in the organization of this important event.

A series of protocol acts accompanied the opening of this operation, allowing the crews of the Units to learn about the culture and customs of each of the participating Nations.

During the first and second phase of the operation, the Naval Units of each country, navigate between the ports of Leticia in Colombia and Iquitos in Peru, carrying out naval communications exercises, traffic lights, flashes, light load transfer, rapid reaction, among others .

After completing these two phases, the development of the third phase of the operation begins, where the Units navigate between the ports of Leticia in Colombia and Manaus in Brazil, carrying out naval exercises of amphibious landing, shooting exercise with major armament and photoex, thus allowing to potentiate the capacities of the participating Units.

After 45 years of existence of the Bracolper, this operational exercise is projected as an important Naval Operation that allows neighboring countries to work in their area of ​​river responsibility, with the common objective of closing spaces to drug trafficking and strengthening river safety. through the capabilities of the Units afloat in this three-border region.