Mission Jeanne d’Arc 2019 Small Arms Training

July 19, 2019 (Google Translation) – As part of their specialty training “Missiller-Gunner” (MISSART), after their theoretical courses, ship signs (midships) embarked on the group Jeanne d’Arc concretely discover their future responsibilities as gunner aboard the frigate La Fayette . Marked by many shooting exercises, this essential training period is more commonly known as “school fire.”

After a global training on the conduct of operations, ten officers-students of the 2019 promotion of the School of Application of Naval Officers (EAOM) were selected to ensure the functions of officer Arms on their future units. Three of them, also pre-oriented for the naval pilot’s course, will serve as gunners waiting to make their selections in flight.

The Jeanne d’Arc mission allows the midships to concretely practice their future responsibilities by acting as Fire Director (TD) and Protection Officer (PO) on board PHA Tonnerre with the help of FLF La Fayette , escort of the mission.

The second part of the training took place aboard the escort, La Fayette . Off the east coast of the United States, and in coordination with the American authorities, the student officers have executed most of the artillery fire that may be carried out by the Navy’s vessels: shot against air target, against goal floating, against a fixed point on land or against fast boats, all with realistic operational scenarios.

The three days of “school fire” ended with a 37mm gun salute to greet the land upon landing in Norfolk, United States. The artillery thus put itself at the service of the ceremonial when 21 shots of guns rang out to greet this same ground which welcomed 228 years ago the Marquis de La Fayette coming to bring the assistance of France to the American insurgents and which participated blockade of the English fleet in the bay of Chesapeake by Admiral de Grasse leading the British surrender at Yorktown in 1781.

These young officers are now ready to assume the duties of Weapons Officer in their future units. Under the watch of Saint Barbe, patron of artillery, they will put their new skills at the service of Naval Action Force ships they will join next month.