Latouche-Tréville Returns to Brest from Indian Ocean

July 19, 2019 (Google Translation) – The commander had announced to the families: “rendez-vous July 14, 14 hours”. As planned, the anti-submarine warfare frigate Latouche-Tréville docked in Brest. On the dock, families are numerous to welcome their sailors gone “far, long and crewed.”

Seven stopovers, three continents, eight major combined exercises, two seas and two oceans crossed: the figures are commensurate with the exceptional nature of this five-month deployment. From “Sea Guardian”, “Chammal”, to the “Clemenceau” mission via the “CTF150”, the sailors from Brest have kept their rank in all situations. Taking the role of head of anti-submarine warfare escorted by the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and the carrier group during the mission “Clemenceau”, they were able to demonstrate their expertise forged in the North Atlantic.

During these five months, Latouche-Tréville has participated in many exercises with more than ten marines partners, among which “Varuna”, “La Pérouse”, “Ramsès”. These exercises helped to improve the interoperability of the Navy with the nations bordering the Indo-Pacific zone and to establish the presence of France on the Pacific markets.

From the bridge to the machines, from the central operation to the helicopter platform, from the kitchen to the medical service, the crew has always been able to meet the appointments. The sailors will now be able to enjoy their summer holidays and share the memories of this long deployment with their families and loved ones.