ARA Almirante & Patagonia Refresh UNREP Skills

July 12, 2019 (Google Translation) – The logistical vessel ARA “Patagonia” and the destroyer ARA personnel “Almirante Brown” participated.

Puerto Belgrano – Personnel of the destroyer ARA “Almirante Brown” was trained on board the logistics vessel ARA “Patagonia” in refueling maneuvers. This activity is part of the preparation of the unit dependent on the Division of Destroyers, for their next participation in the UNITAS LX exercise.

On the part of the School of Naval Techniques and Tactics, the Chief Petty Officer José Agustín Duarte served as instructor. Personnel of the logistic unit belonging to different specialties, the Deck, Machine and Hydraulic Heads, also participated.

The day began at the stern of “Patagonia” where the RAS-ARROW maneuver was explained in a theoretical way. It is made from the back of the unit, releasing a sleeve that has positive buoyancy. This is received by another vessel that is sailing behind at a certain distance and speed.

Then they went to the upper deck where they received instruction on the RAS maneuver, which is the most common during a navigation. It is carried out on the logistical vessel’s bands and involves a great complexity, since it interacts with the personnel of decks, machines, navigation and control of faults. In addition, this refueling maneuver not only allows the fuel consumed to be replenished at sea, but also water or other fluids.

On this occasion, the presence of a ship on the dock was simulated, where a receiving bell was placed to achieve the fitting of the probe (end of the hose). It was located at a distance of between 30/40 meters and it was there where the personnel of the destroyer was presented in order to perform the maneuvers of seamanship corresponding to the securing of a steel cable through which the hose that injects the gas.

The purpose of this exercise is to enable participants to prepare for the future refueling that they must carry out with other Armed units during the fiscal year to be held in Brazil. Training is essential in order to reduce risks and maintain the safety of personnel and the physical integrity of ships.

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