Water station CSKA in Vladivostok Prepares for Navy Day

July 9, 2019 (Google Translation) – Technical work began at the water station of the Pacific Fleet (CSKA), preceding the parade of ships and the military-sports festival in honor of the Day of the Navy of Russia, which this year will be celebrated on July 28.

Divers of the Pacific Fleet rescue squad examine approaches to the piers and slip, which will be involved in the episodes of the holiday. Also, the specialists of the hydrographic service are measuring the depths in the fairway and at the berths of the water station, to determine the possibility of approach to them by water craft.

The self-propelled floating crane SPK-44150 of the detachment of ships providing the Pacific Fleet conducts lifting and moving concrete massifs that prevent a safe approach to a sports facility from the sea.

The spectator sector is being prepared at the water station, the scene is being repaired and decorated, the marking of the parade ground is being updated, and communications equipment is being installed. The sports facility is already conducting reconnaissance episodes of the historical part of the military-sports festival.

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