French Navy Dauphin MEDEVACs Patient from Bora Bora

July 5, 2019 (Google Translation) – Thursday, July 4, 2019, at 03:55, the detachment of Flotilla 35F based in Tahiti receives a call from the Tahiti Operational Center (COT) for a medical evacuation mission. A pregnant woman must be evacuated to the Hospital Center of French Polynesia (CHPF) of Taaone.

Shortly after the call, the medical alert team arrives at the detachment and with the crew of the Dauphin N3 +, they take off towards Bora Bora, where the patient is. Arrived on site at 5:56, the patient is taken care of by the crew. 20 minutes later, the helicopter takes off, but after only 7 minutes of flight, the baby decides to point the tip of his nose.

It is therefore aboard the Dauphin N3 + helicopter of the Navy and in full flight, that the delivery takes place. The mission is then readjusted, accompanied by cries of the newborn. The young mother and her baby are greeted by firefighters at the Raiatea health center to be cared for.

A unique and rare moment, in the career of our sailors of the sky but also, undoubtedly, for this young mother and her baby.

The story does not say which place of birth will be mentioned on the birth chart of the newborn.

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