French Navy 35F Helicopter Conducts SAR MIssion

June 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – On June 10, rescuers from the Flottille 35F detachment in La Rochelle rescued a pregnant woman aboard a sailboat off the coast of La Rochelle. Operation dangerous given the difficult weather conditions.

The mission began after a call from the ETEL Regional Operational Rescue and Surveillance Center (CROSS) at 19:05. Less than 25 minutes later, the Navy’s Dauphin helicopter took off to reach the area. The dark night and a sea 5 have considerably complicated the task of the rescuers of the flotilla. Before being able to start the rescue, nearly 30 minutes were needed to obtain optimal winching conditions. It was at 20:50 that the victim was secured in the helicopter and taken to the hospital of La Rochelle to be supported.

During this rescue mission, no contact between the boat and the helicopter could be established. All the contacts took place between the Thalassa oceanographic vessel and the victim’s boat. Thanks to this boat, which throughout the operation relayed the information from the sailboat, the mission was able to proceed correctly and safely: a success due to excellent coordination between the CROSS ETEL, both ships and the crew of the aircraft.

Through this mission, the Navy Flotilla 35F has shown all of its know-how and its operational capabilities of rescue at sea.

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