Project 19910 Nikolaj Skosyriev Launched

June 26, 2019 (Google Translation) – A solemn ceremony of launching the newest hydrographic vessel (MGS) of the project 19910 “Nikolaj Skosyriev ” intended for the Russian Navy was held at JSC Shipyard Vympel (Rybinsk) IGU project 19910 “Nikolaj Skosyriev ” has a displacement of 1,200 tons and can perform tasks at a distance of 3,500 miles from the basing points. The vessel is designed to solve a wide range of hydrographic and pilotage activities in the maritime zone. Hydrographic vessel “Nikolaj Skosyriev ” became the largest in terms of its displacement, which in its history will be built by the Vympel enterprise in Rybinsk.

The main tasks performed by the small hydrographic vessel of the project 19910 – include setting and removing naval buoys and milestones of all types; maintenance (inspection, reloading and repair) of onshore and floating navigational aids; performance of hydrographic works in the scope of the installed equipment; transportation of various cargoes to support the work of onshore navigational aids and hydrographic units on the unequipped coast. The length of the vessel is about 60 meters, the width is greatest, 11 meters, the side height is over 5 meters, the cruising range is about 3500 miles, the navigation autonomy is over 25 days, the crew is 22 people.

It is planned that, after completion of completion on the water and all stages of testing, the vessel will be part of the hydrographic service of the Northern Fleet.

Earlier, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, at a working meeting in the Admiralty, where the work on creating an Atlas of Navigation Maps of the North Sea was reviewed, noted that hydrographs in modern conditions exploring the oceans in the interests of shipping.”

“The Navy of Russia throughout its history is at the leading positions in the field of research of marine and oceanic areas, the Antarctic seas and the Arctic zone,” Admiral Nikolai Evmenov noted at the meeting.