Pacific Fleet Conducts Trials of New Amphibious APC

June 24, 2019 (Google Translation) – In accordance with the combat training plan, the mechanics-drivers of the modern armored personnel carriers BTR-82A of the naval unit of the Pacific Fleet stationed in Kamchatka will conduct practical training for the first time to bring the combat vehicles to production.

On the eve of the tasks, the servicemen passed the swimming standards and completed a course of light diving training, as well as on the simulator, they worked out an emergency escape of the machines.

Practical development of tasks will be carried out in the area of ​​Lake Kotelnikovo at the Radygino training complex.

More than 100 marines and more than 20 pieces of equipment are involved in the classes.

A separate marine brigade of the Pacific Fleet on the Kamchatka Peninsula last year was completely re-equipped with a new BTR-82A. Earlier, armored personnel carriers underwent test operation on the peninsula. Under the conditions of the landfill, the permeability and stability of the vehicle were checked during firing.

BTR-82A is a deeply modernized and modified version of the BTR-80. On the internal surfaces of the body of the BTR-82A installed multi-layer multi-layer protection from synthetic material. A unified combat module equipped with an electric drive and a two-plane weapon stabilizer is also used. The main weapon of the combat module is a 30-millimeter cannon and a machine gun. Increased durability, throughput, reliability and service life of the combat vehicle. In it conditions of habitability are improved, the conditioner is installed.