FS Marne Has Replenished 11 Foreign Navies on Current Deployment

June 17, 2019 (Google Translation) – Since it was set up on 5 March in Toulon to participate in the Clemenceau deployment, BCR Marne , the naval air force’s supplying officer, has interacted with 19 different types of vessels belonging to 11 navies. During the day and at night, he conducted his refueling and transfer at sea activities.

” During this period, BCR seamen took over, transported and delivered 24,000 cubic meters of fuel and 200 tons of food freight and technical equipment,” says Commander Stéphane-Charles, who is in charge of the support function. Within the headquarters of the air carrier group.

For example, in the context of the “Perugia” exercise conducted with the Australian, Japanese and American navies, the BCR Marne refueled JS Murasame and HMAS Toowoomba off the coast of Indonesia. In addition, the sailors of BCR Marne provided refueling from the rear deck of the building and two transfers of staff per chair. These two maneuvers are unusual and require sharp know-how.

The “support” function, which covers logistics but also personnel management, is an essential function of the air carrier group. ” Carrying refueling operations at sea for the benefit of the aircraft carrier and its escorts makes BCR Marne a key player in the logistical function of Task Force 473. An agile and enduring element, it is an indispensable component of the naval aviation group. to ensure autonomy and durability at sea, “concludes CF Stéphane-Charles.

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