SWRMC Completes On Time Delivery of USS Pearl Harbor

June 8, 2019 – Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC) supported Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) on-time delivery goal with the completion of USS Pearl Harbor’s (LSD 52) availability on May 31.

During the availability, SWRMC maintenance teams conducted a variety of scheduled overhauls throughout the ship while focusing on growth or new work items related to safety and requirements for getting underway. The strategy was a success as Pearl Harbor returned to Naval Base San Diego from sea trials on June 4.

“SWRMC works to find cost-effective and innovative solutions during availabilities to support on-time delivery of ships,” said Capt. David Hart, commanding officer, SWRMC. “By staying focused on the goal, SWRMC’s maintenance teams are able to accomplish the required work to return the ships to the Fleet, ready to support the Navy’s mission.”

Pearl Harbor’s availability was executed and completed under a firm fixed price contract. The work completed during the availability consisted of overhauls on all four of the ship’s Ship Service Diesel Generators (SSDG), as well as repair work to all four of its main engines. Over 30 of the ship’s tanks, including ballast, fuel, and lube oil, were structurally repaired and painted. Additionally, food service modifications were completed and nonskid work was performed on many areas including the flight deck, vehicle stowage area, truck tunnel and turnaround area.

According to Steve Harrington, SWRMC’s Project Manager for Pearl Harbor, the most challenging part of reaching this on time delivery milestone was coordinating all work done between the prime contractor, subcontractors, SWRMC I-level, and Ships’ Force.

“One of the key elements that resulted in successful completion of this availability was a great level of communication between maintenance teams, contractors, subcontractors, and Ships’ Force,” explained Harrington. “Everyone involved did their part to bring the availability together to get it completed on time. Ships force were actively engaged in all aspects of the availability and Pearl Harbor’s commanding officer and executive officer attended daily meetings to track it every step of the way.”

Throughout the availability, SWRMC certified major milestones early or on time to ensure that the work completed was reliable and safe. This availability was another example of SWRMC teaming up to deliver a much-needed asset to the Fleet to perform and complete required training and operational tasking.

With continued focus and efforts, SWRMC is meeting its mission to provide superior ship maintenance, modernization, technical support, and training for the Pacific Fleet.