Russian Pacific Fleet Scheduled for Three International Exercises This Summer

June 3, 2019 (Google Translation) – Today in the Pacific Fleet (PF) began the summer period of training. Rallies were held in formations and units of the fleet, in which representatives of the command of the Pacific Fleet, military personnel and military service veterans took part. The ships held a ritual of raising the flags of St. Andrew and the flags of colorization.

Acting commander of the Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral Sergei Rekish, on behalf of the Military Council of the Pacific Fleet, congratulated the staff of the Primorsk flotilla of heterogeneous fleet forces with the start of the new training half-year. On the quay at Korabelnaya Embankment in Vladivostok, the general construction of military personnel of units and formations that make up the largest association of the Pacific Fleet was held. Rear Admiral Sergei Rekish noted that from December to May, about 50 warships of various classes were solving naval personnel in the sea. Crews of ships, boats and submarines performed 25 anti-aircraft missile firing, more than 120 artillery firing and more than 60 anti-submarine combat exercises and exercises for mine-defensive and mine action. Pacific riders took part in the Indra Navi-2018 Russian-Indian naval exercise and the Marine Interaction-2019 bilateral Russian-Chinese naval exercise, and also conducted a joint training with a detachment of naval ships of Thailand. Navigation of surface combat ships, boats and submarines, ships providing the Pacific Fleet (PF) was more than 5,600 days.

In the summer period of training, the fleet servicemen will have to take part in more than 120 combat training activities aimed at improving maritime, field, air, and special skills. In the course of them practical actions of ship and submarine forces, coastal troops and naval aviation of the fleet will be worked out. Warships and support vessels of the Pacific Fleet, in addition to participating in planned combat training activities, will perform assigned tasks in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, a squad of warships consisting of large anti-submarine ships “Admiral Vinogradov”, “Admiral Tributs” and the medium sea tanker “Irkut” are on a long voyage. During the voyage, the detachment made calls to the ports of the Philippines, Vietnam, and China.

The military personnel of the Pacific Fleet will take part in competitions of army games (including international ones) as part of the fleet and Eastern Military District teams.

In addition, it is planned to conduct three joint naval exercises of various directions with the ships of the Navy of Japan, India and Vietnam. The first of the planned activities in the framework of international military cooperation – the doctrine “Sareks-2019” with the ship of the naval self-defense forces of Japan, will be held this month. In the course of this exercise, the tasks of organizing search and rescue at sea will be worked out.

The priority direction during the summer period of training will be a qualitative increase in the level of combat training of the forces and troops of the Pacific Fleet, the selection and training of professional personnel for officers and sergeants, and the improvement of the effectiveness of training for personnel of military units and fleet formations.

Celebrations on the occasion of the beginning of the new training period ended with a solemn passage of military units and military units.

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