Operation Atalanta’s Farewell to ITS Carlo Margottini

May 31, 2019 – Today marks the end of ITS Carlo Margottini’s contribution to Operation Atalanta, the European Union’s first naval operation, launched in 2008 to prevent and deter piracy at sea off the Horn of Africa and in the Indian Ocean.

For the past three months, the Italian warship (hull number F592) has worked alongside the ESPS Navarra, countering piracy and monitoring fishing activities off the coast of Somalia. Previously, the ITS Carlo Margottini sailed with EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta from 5 April to 6 August 2018.

ITS Carlo Margottini is the third ship of the Bergamini Class, part of the French-Italian program FREMM (European Multi-Mission Frigates), the second in antisubmarine version. Commanded by Commander Marco Guerriero, the ITS Carlo Margottini was launched in June 2013 and delivered to the Italian Navy in February 2014. Although it specialises in stealth and anti-submarine warfare, the ITS Margottini is equipped for numerous types of missions. At 144 metres in length, it has a crew of 167 and has a maximum speed of 27 knots. The frigate carries two helicopters and is equipped with a surface and anti-air missile system, two torpedo launchers and two 76mm guns in its arsenal.

ITS Carlo Margottini represents a new generation of frigates capable of deployments in various operational scenarios with different tasks. The weapon system and sensors on board the frigate enable it to undertake several different missions including:

  • The constabulary role (counter-terrorism, prevention of illegal trafficking, irregular immigration control);
  • Protection of naval groups, maritime security and defense of the national interests;
  • Humanitarian assistance in case of natural disasters;
  • Sea Control, protection of Sea lines of Communication (SLOCs) and Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO).

At the end of July 2019, the ITS Antonio Marceglia will replace the ITS Carlo Margottini to counter acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea with EU NAVFOR Operation Atalanta.

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