First Phase of UK Baltic Deployment Complete

June 4, 2019 – An action-packed commando raid on the west coast of Denmark brought the first stage of the UK’s Baltic deployment to a close.

Merlin Mk4 on both 1 and 2 spot of HMS Albion’s flight deck.

British Royal Marines and their Dutch counterparts waged a battle around the towns of Esbjerg and Varde in western Denmark, taking on Danish troops.

The focus of the first phase of the deployment – Danex, or Danish Exercise – was meshing the different amphibious, naval, ground and air forces together in the western Baltic and eastern North Sea so they could work as one, seamlessly.

Merlin Mk4 on 1 spot, at the front of HMS Albion’s flight deck.

Each nation’s helicopters and landing craft were tested different ship, while the task group fired different weapon systems and practiced defending itself from attack – practicing skills that are the building blocks of amphibious warfare.