Mission Clemenceau: Bilateral Exercises in the Bay of Bengal

May 24, 2019 (Google Translation) – The Carrier Group is currently in the Bay of Bengal. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and his escort lead from 17 to 25 May a series of exercises called “La Perouse”, which began with interactions with Australian ships after the reception aboard the aircraft carrier. a delegation from HMAS Toowoomba , integrated into the carrier battle group.

On Sunday, May 19, the TF was joined by two Japanese units (JS Izumo and JS Murasame ), then, on Monday, May 20, by one of the US Navy’s 7th Fleet, USS William P. Lawrence. . A few days before the exercise “La Perouse”, the GAN was training for the first time with a ship of the 7th fleet, the USS Hawaii .

Another first, the French air carrier group conducted, from May 19 to 22, joint training exercises with the Japanese Maritime Forces Self-Defense. The helicopter destroyer JS Izumo and the destroyer JS Murasame are currently conducting exercises with the Task Force 473 to improve communications between the ships, training in formation navigation or refueling at sea. French and Japanese but also Australian and American liaison officers are held on the various buildings.

left “La Pérouse” on May 22, after having hoisted the commander of the TF 473 on board to salute the remarkable work done together, the frigate HMAS Toowoomba remains part of the carrier group to continue the bilateral exercises of Task Force 473 with USS William P. Lawrence until May 25.