Black Sea Fleet Frigates at Sea for Exercises

May 21, 2019 (Google Translation) – In accordance with the combat training plan, the frigates of the Black Sea Fleet “Admiral Makarov”, “Admiral Essen”, as well as the sentry ships “Smetlivy” and “Pytlivy” took to the sea to conduct exercises in sea training grounds.

At the initial stage of the training activities, the crews worked out the exit of the ships from the base with the passage of the mine area along a pre-treated strip.

Then, after leaving Sevastopol, a set of training was conducted with the sailors with the development of elements of joint navigation and maneuvering in various formations and orders.

Directly in the combat training training grounds, the crews will start performing single tasks in various parts of the sea in accordance with the training course of the Navy ships and within the framework of working out the actions of a single ship at sea for the intended purpose.

After the completion of single missions, the ships will proceed to conduct a joint naval exercises, the stages of which will be the conduct of a training sea battle and the development of anti-submarine operations as part of a group of ships.

The departure of the ships to the marine polygons is carried out in accordance with the action plan of the combat training of the Black Sea Fleet for the 2019 academic year.