Colombian Navy Seizes 200KG of Cocaine

May 18, 2019 (Google Translation) – In the development of sustained offensive operations against drug trafficking organizations, Units of the Colombian Navy managed to seize 198.60 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride in an illegal warehouse, as well as 0.602 kilograms of marijuana, two vessels , two engines and communication equipment, on the coast line, on the general area of ​​the municipality of Acandí, in the department of Chocó.

The integration and exchange of information allowed Units of the Marine Infantry Infantry Battalion No. 16, operationally attached to the Joint Task Force Titan, and the Coast Guard Station of Urabá, to obtain the location of six sacks, which contained in their interior 148 packages wrapped in a black plastic, hidden in a bunker-type deposit, as well as the seizure of a package of marijuana, two motorboats, two outboard motors and communication equipment.

The judicial authorities conducted the Preliminary Identification Test – Piph, to the alkaloid shipment transferred to the municipality of Turbo, Antioquia, yielding positive for 198.60 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and 0.602 kilograms of Creepy-type marijuana.

With this large quantity of alkaloid seized, the finances of the drug trafficking organizations linked to the “Gulf Clan”, which commit crimes in this region of the country, were prevented from receiving nearly seven million dollars, an estimated value of this narcotics shipment in the international black market.

The seized material was placed at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office of Turbo, Antioquia. The Colombian Navy reiterates its commitment to continue carrying out offensive operations to dismantle the organizations that serve the drug traffickers that commit crimes in the Colombian Caribbean and invites the citizens to denounce any suspicious or criminal act on line 146.