SCANTER VTS Radars for Bangladesh Port of Mongla

May 14, 2019 – In April 2019, Terma was chosen to supply three SCANTER 2202 radars with 18- and 21-feet antennas to be deployed in three different sites along the Port of Mongla, the second busiest seaport in Bangladesh and one of the major ports of the Bengal delta.

The end user will be Mongla Port Authority (MPA), Harbor & Conservancy Department. SCANTER radars for Vessel Traffic System (VTS) applications have already been selected in the past for use in a different port in Bangladesh, Chittagong, the busiest seaport on the coastline of the Bay of Bengal.

Terma’s SCANTER 2202 up-mast radar has been chosen thanks to its high performance, very low footprint, and possibility of being installed outdoors, close to the antenna. Also, thanks to the Solid State technology, SCANTER 2202 power requirements fulfill perfectly the end user’s constraints.

The Bangladeshi economy is in large scale dependent on shipping of goods, which is mainly done through Mongla and Chittagong seaports. Terma is proud to equip both ports and to ensure safe and uninterrupted operations.