Helicopter Trials for Project 20183 Akademik Alexandrov

April 2, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crews of the Ka-27PS and Ka-29 helicopters took part in ensuring the testing of the Akademik Aleksandrov oceanographic research vessel (OIC) in the White Sea. They circled the ship and landed on its helipad. Landings and takeoffs from the helipad were carried out in the movement of the vessel and during the stop.

In addition to the aviation of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Northern Fleet, tests of the oceanographic vessel are provided by vessels of the service of the auxiliary fleet of the Northern Fleet and the White Sea Naval Base. Among them is the multifunctional icebreaker “Ilya Muromets”, which helps the subject OIS “Akademik Alexandrov” to overcome the ice-dangerous areas of the White Sea.

Oceanographic research vessel (OIC) “Akademik Alexandrov” was built at the shipyard “Zvezdochka”. This is a multipurpose vessel of enhanced ice class, designed for research and scientific work on the shelf of the Arctic seas, ensuring the operation of marine Arctic technology, rescue operations in the Arctic. The OIC is able to monitor the fleet activity areas, test areas, locations of potentially dangerous bottom objects, areas of economic activity, install bottom navigation, measuring and other equipment in them.

The vessel’s dual purpose allows for search and rescue operations, dredging, towing, installing and reloading military and special equipment, inspecting and lifting sunken marine equipment, including objects representing a potential or actual environmental hazard.

On the superstructure of the vessel is equipped with a landing site for helicopters. The stern has a 100-ton cargo crane and equipment for lowering and lifting military and special equipment.

The length of the hull is 96 meters. Width – 17.9 meters. The largest draft of the ship is 9.3 meters. Crew – up to 65 people. Displacement – 5400 tons.

The main visual difference of the vessel is the closed tank (the bow of the hull), the lining of which reaches the superstructure itself.