MCM Training in Kola Bay

April 3, 2019 (Google Translation) – The crews of the five minesweepers of the Kola Flotilla water protection unit of the heterogeneous forces of the Northern Fleet conducted an exercise in their main purpose in the Kola Bay and in the combat training fleet in the Barents Sea.

The base minesweepers “Kotelnich”, “Kolomna” and “Yadrin” as part of the mine-sweeping group worked out maneuvering, setting trawls, searching for sea mines and trawling a certain section of the sea water area.

The naval minesweeper “Machinist” and the base minesweeper “Yelnya” cleaned the fairway for the passage of the amphibious assault squad, which marked the large landing ship “Alexander Otrakovsky”.

The minesweepers also carried out the destruction of a model of a sea mine and worked out the self-defense of the mine-sweeping group from the attack of high-speed small-size floating craft of conditional saboteurs.

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