KNM Maud Maiden Arrival in Haakonsvern

April 2, 2019 (Google Translation) – Like Canada, Norway balked at the cost of a joint support vessel (JSS) and ordered a replenishment ship with limited container capacity on the upper deck. KNM Maud (A530) maiden arrival at Haakonsvern March 29th.

New logistics and support vessel

Project P2513, New logistics and support vessel, will acquire a multi-roll vessel that will replace KNM “Tyr” and KNM “Valkyria”.
Project P2513, New Logistics and Support vessel, will acquire a multi-roll vessel that will replace KNM “Tyr” and KNM “Valkyria” which was phased out in the summer of 2015. The new vessel will be named KNM «Maud». The vessel’s primary task will be to provide supplies of fuel, supplies and equipment for marine vessels that are part of the Norwegian Task Group (NorTG) in order to expand the operational strength of the force at sea. Secondary tasks will include raising sovereignty, supporting other military units, civilian support, search & rescue (SAR), humanitarian operations and participating in network-based defense.


  •  Length everywhere: 183 m
  •  Width: 25.9 m
  •  ​​Design dypgang: 8,62 m
  •  Max deplasement: ~ 27.500 tonn
  •  Hastighet:> 18 button
  •  2 main engines of 7500kW (Wärtsilä)
  •  2 diesel generators at 3170kW (Wärtsilä)
  •  2 bow thruster at 1000kW (Wärtsilä)
  •  Type of propulsion: Diesel hybrid (CODLOD)
  •  2 “dual abeam” RAS rigs for transfer of fuel in the sea (Rexroth)
  •  25 ton heave-compensated tire crane (Pellegrini)
  •  4 Sea Protector remote controlled weapon platforms (Kongsberg)
  •  Crew: 43 people
  •  Additional crew: 116 people


  •  Diesel (F76): > 7000 tonn
  •  Helicopter fuel (F44):> 300 tonnes
  •  Proviant: > 30 tonn
  •  More than 40 20 foot containers
  •  Smaller vessels
  •  vehicles
  •  More than 200 tons of ammunition
  •  2 pieces NH-90 helicopters (have helicopter deck and hangar)
  •  Medical capacity (up to 48 patients)
  •  Treatment chamber for divers


  •  28. juni 2013 – Contract A​ward
  • Mai 2014 – Preliminary Design Review (PDR
  • April 2015 – Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • 22. mai 2015 – Steel Cut
  • 15. desember 2015 – Keel Lay
  •  June 4, 2016 –  Launch completed
  •  November 16, 2018 – Defense Materials and the Armed Forces took over the logistics vessel KNM “Maud” from the South Korean shipyard Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. Defense materials have been responsible for the acquisition and have the formal ownership, while the Navy has now taken over the operational responsibility.


  •  Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME)
  •  British Maritime Technology (BMT)

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