Russian Pacific Fleet ASW Training

March 26, 2019 (Google Translation) – In accordance with the combat training plan, a small anti-submarine ship of the water area protection compound of the Troops and forces in the North-East of Russia conducted an exercise in the course of which attacked a submarine of a conditional enemy with anti-submarine weapons.

In a special test site off the coast of Kamchatka, the small anti-submarine ship MPK-82 entered into a confrontation with one of the nuclear submarines of the submarine forces of the Pacific Fleet, which designated the forces of a conditional enemy.

The IPC fulfilled the tasks of the antisubmarine episode of the crediting naval tactical doctrine for conducting naval combat with a submarine under conditions of active counteraction against the forces and means of the conditional enemy with the performance of combat training exercises.

The support of the search for an “enemy” submarine by the single ship that was operated by the antisubmarine helicopters Ka-27PL and the Il-38 naval aviation aircraft from the Pacific Fleet. After finding the submarine, the ship fired at the indicated coordinates with practical torpedoes, and also attacked the submarine with rocket depth bombs.

In turn, the crew of the submarine executed the maneuver of evading the strike of the anti-submarine ship.