Marshal Ustinov Practices Shore Bombardment

March 15, 2019 (Google Translation) – Today, the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser of the Northern Fleet carried out a complex of artillery firing at coastal targets at training grounds in the Barents Sea.

Combat calculations of AK-130 artillery mounts improved their skills in hitting unseen coastal target positions.

According to the preliminary results of the exercise, all the targets that were fired were successfully hit.

In the near future, the crew of the missile cruiser will continue to work out actions on sudden introduction, as well as conduct exercises on air defense, anti-submarine and anti-sabotage defense.

“Marshal Ustinov” – project 1164 missile cruiser. The ship was laid down on October 5, 1978 at the Nikolaevsky shipbuilding plant under the name “Admiral of the Lobov Fleet”, launched on February 25, 1982, entered the Northern Fleet on November 5, 1986 under the name “Marshal Ustinov “.

Its length is 186 meters, width is 20.8 meters, the maximum speed is 32 knots, the crew is about 500 people. The ship is armed with 16 launchers of cruise missiles, as well as anti-aircraft missile, artillery and anti-submarine weapons systems.