Colombian Navy Rescues Two Fishermen

March 1, 2019 (Google Translation) – Thanks to the rapid reaction of the Caribbean Coast Guard Units of the Colombian Navy, the rescue of two artisanal fishermen, who were adrift, was accomplished since last Sunday, February 24, in the sector of Isla Fuerte, an area general of the department of Bolívar.

A call to alert the traffic control tower of the Coveñas Station, began the successful search and rescue operation, in which the 33 and 39-year-old men were rescued and taken to safe harbor, then that the boat in which they performed fishing, will be adrift due to failure in the propulsion engine.

Upon arriving at the place where they were found, the Units verified that the men did not have medical complications, which facilitated the wait, in the midst of adverse meteorological conditions, which occur at this time of year.

The Colombian Navy’s Units in the Caribbean invite fishermen, inhabitants and tourists from coastal regions to implement preventive safety measures before setting sail or going out to sea, including the ones that are found, the correct use of the vest lifeguard and verification of the communication system of the vessels, in order to minimize the occurrence of these emergency events on the high seas.